Virgin Silk

Virgin Silk is a non-absorbable, twisted, surgical suture of natural origin composed of an organic protein called fibroin. The protein is derived from the domesticated silkworm Bombyx moriof the family Bombycidae. The filaments are delicately processed and dyed leaving, for the most part intact, the sericin or natural gum used by the silkworm to coat the filaments. This coating protects filaments during processing and in use.


Type of Absorption

No absorbible.


Black or Blue




8/0 to 6/0


Ethylene oxide

Health Registration Number



Thread combinations with or without surgical steel needle in predetermined lengths. Available in boxes of 12, 24, and 36 units.

Códe Description Tagum Code
VN0663ZG* SEDA VIRGEN NEGRA calibre 7/0, aguja 3/8 círculo espatulada de 6,4 mm., hebra de 45 cms. 7733G
VA0536ZG* SEDA VIRGEN AZUL calibre 8/0, aguja 3/8 círculo espatulada de 6,2 mm., hebra de 45 cms. 7819G (Azul)

Virgin Silk suture is indicated for use in microsurgery and ophthalmic surgery.


For single use only. DO NOT RESTERILIZE. Discard remaining strands.


In handling suture materials, care should be taken to avoid damage from handling. Avoid crushing or crimping damage due to application of surgical instruments such as forceps or needle holders. Adequate knot security requires the accepted surgical techniques.



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