Synthetic Bandage for Immobilization

The product is comprised of knitted fiberglass/polyester fabric impregnated with a water-activated polyurethane resin. When moistening the bandage, it undergoes a polymerization reaction and becomes solidified. It allows for obtaining a rigid bandage which is used to restrict temporary mobilization of a body segment.

  • The cast is lightweight, strong, and porous.
  • Permeable to air.
  • Translucent to X-rays.
  • Available in blue, green, pink, and white.
  • Cast for single use only.
  • It provides great stability and good impact strength.
  • The bandage is extensible in all directions which enables it to conform to difficult body contours.
Acrylic Dressing Measures
5 cm (2″)x 3.6 m
7.5 cm (3″) x 3.6 m
10 cm (4″)x 3.6 m
12.5 cm (5″)x 3.6 m
Available colors:

Blue / Green / Pink / White


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